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Things to know

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Do you need volunteers to help after an emergency? Connect with our network of local people who have registered their interest to volunteer today.

Things to know about requesting volunteers through the emergency platform:

  • Volunteer Involving Organisations can register their need for volunteers on the platform. This means that in times of emergency or community recovery, the Volunteering peak body in your State/Territory knows that you need volunteer support.
  • We refer volunteers to organisations based on the information provided on the request form completed by the organisation and the selections volunteers make when registering their interest.
  • Your organisation must coordinate the volunteer position, provide orientation and other relevant volunteer training.
  • Emergency volunteers have varying levels of skills, experience, and flexibility in terms of location and availability.
  • Responding to an emergency is complex and requires a high level of coordination.

Nominate your organisation

If your organisation is seeking to recruit volunteers to help during an emergency or recovery, please submit the details of your organisation to our database.

Organisation details

Volunteer manager

Assistance needs

Where do you need people to volunteer?
Other spoken languages (optional)

If you require volunteers that speak any other language apart from English, please specify

In addition to creating an emergency volunteer organisation profile, you can opt in to recruit volunteers for specific campaigns. Select as many campaigns you need help with.

Please ensure you have read the Terms of Participation before submitting your registration.

Frequently asked questions

When you register that you need volunteer support, volunteers that sign up to assist in a particular campaign may be matched with your organisation depending on their suitability. A list of potential volunteers will be provided to you by the volunteering peak body in your state, if volunteers match. It will be your responsibility to recruit / contact volunteers from the list provided to you and assign them to volunteer roles.

In order to recruit volunteers through the Volunteering peak body in your State/Territory you will need to have both Volunteer Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance. Please check your policy closely as not all situations, particularly emergencies, are covered. If you are not yet a member of Volunteering WA please register here.

There are a number of different ways to do this depending on the size of your organisation and how many volunteers you have. Some Volunteer Involving Organisations use spreadsheets, google docs or customised databases.

If you would like to use a software package we recommend our Volunteer Management platform INVOLVE.

This will be up to your organisation and depends on the role being undertaken and the nature of the role. Please refer to your organisations policy on volunteer checks which should address any specific requirements.

While there may be some roles that require mandatory screening(such as those that are Working with Children), in the immediate "respond" phase of an emergency situation there is often not time to undertake police checks for other roles. In this case, risks should be assessed and carefully managed. Standard procedures should be followed where more time is available, such as in the extended "recovery" phase of emergencies.

More information on volunteer screening is available here.

Your organisation is responsible for the health and safety of all volunteers, including following all relevant government guidelines for Covid-19 (such as mandatory vaccinations for some positions / premises).

Please contact us and let us know. The relevant state peak body will remove your details for you.